Saturday, 11 October 2008

Introducing Jedi

Hello everyone. I am BerthdduCake, BerthdduSuit's daughter. I watch my mum blogging and I decided I would like one too!


On Thursday I was jumping around, dancing. I think I was being a bit silly actually. I landed on the side of my foot and fell to the floor. The next day (after sleeping on the sofa that night) we took Trouble (my sis) to school and then went to the doctors. They sent us to the hospital to have it X-rayed. We took the X-ray back to the doctors and I had torn the tendon that runs along the outside of my foot. I can just walk on my heel a little bit now so it's not too bad now. I've been putting Arnica cream on it and it really seems to help.

Arty Farty

On the 1st of October I copied a painting by Dee Doody (website here into my sketchbook. He is artist in residence at the Nature Gallery in Llanidloes. Here is my drawing:

And here is his painting in comparison:

I was very pleased with myself. I gave him an A4 copy and he put up with some of his work for everyone to see. I enjoy visiting the gallery and yesterday I bought some blank cream cards, red, green and cream corrogated backing card, glue dots and lots of little decorations to put on them for Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed my first post, I will write again soon! Bye!


Berthddu Suit said...

Welcome aboard Jedi, very nice first post. {{{{hugs}}}}

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hi Jedi. Well done on that drawing, it's amazing.
Miss E is excited about reading your blog. Hope your foot is getting better.
P.S Miss E loves tigers and dolphins.

Eve said...

I think your picture is great. You'll have to see if you can do one of Harley or Clay to go with it.